The Masonic Network is an independent social networking project aimed at giving Regular Freemasons worldwide the possibility to interact in a completely Masonic environment. Being independent the website is not biased towards any Grand Lodge (Grand Orient) in the world and will never represent or otherwise make statements on behalf of any Grand Lodge in the world.

Here at MasonicNetwork.org we are trying to give a virtual space for Freemasons to meet, discuss, share thoughts, share photos, blogs and use it as an extra tool in becoming better men.

The regularity of a Mason is based upon the general principles of regular Freemasonry, therefore lodges not requesting the belief in a Deity, mixed or women lodges as well as "masons" coming from lodges recognising such structures are considered irregular and will not be granted access. We will also not accept masons from pseudo-masonic groups widely known to be involved in politics, personal interests etc. As a general rule we accept members from Grand Lodges recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England

By regulation, the discussion about Grand Lodges as well as making statements on behalf of any Grand Lodge in the world will result in cancellation of ones account.

Membership in the network is considered a privilege and not a right therefore Masonic Network Administrators reserve the right to refuse access to any candidate without stating a reason. Should a candidate feel that his application for membership was wrongly interpreted he has full right to request a re-evaluation by bringing real proof of him being part of regular Freemasonry.

The basic principles regulating the members are: Brotherhood, Equality and Tolerance